Anointing of the Sick

In the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, through the ministry of the priest, Jesus touches the sick to heal them from sin – and sometimes even from physical ailment. The primary effect of the Sacrament is a spiritual healing by which the sick person receives the Holy Spirit's gift of peace and courage to deal with the difficulties that accompany serious illness or the frailty of old age. If it be God's will, the person may be physically healed of illness. This sacrament should be received when death is drawing near.



Please call the Parish Office if you or a loved one would like to be anointed. We highly encourage anyone who is struggling with a serious illness of mind, body, or spirit, or who is anticipating surgery, to call to set up a time to be anointed.


The Eucharistic Ministry to the Sick provides Eucharistic visitation to those unable to attend Mass, such as the homebound, nursing home residents, and those who are hospitalized. The patients and residents of these facilities are brought the Eucharist and our Catholic fellowship in the form of comfort of presence, prayers, quality listening, love and compassion.

To schedule a visit from a Eucharistic Minister for yourself or a loved one, please contact the Parish Office.