Share Ministries

At St. Ann we believe that our Church exists not for us, but for the world. By the witness of our lives, our words, and our actions we desire to share the Good News of Jesus with the world.



An invitational church means more than just being welcoming and hospitable when guests arrive (though that is incredibly important). An invitational church is one whose members actively invite those God has put into their lives (family, friends, coworkers) to join them on Sundays, at ministry events, and church hosted community gatherings. Why? Because they believe that the good work of Jesus is meant for all.

We invite you to pray and ask:

  • How has my relationship with God changed my life for the better?

  • Who has God already brought into my life that would be blessed by an experience of faith and Christian community?

  • Which upcoming event would be the right fit to invite this person to?

    • Ideas may include the monthly women’s fellowship potluck, Sunday/Daily Mass, Wednesday Night Dinner, or a men’s or women’s bible study. Look in the bulletin for more upcoming events!


MINISTRY opportunities

Have you ever considered joining a ministry team? Whether as a leader or as support, none of our ministries can happen without people like YOU. There is no perfect ministry volunteer because there are no perfect people. Opportunities include:

  • Children’s ministry

  • Youth Ministry (middle school and high school)

  • Men’s and Women’s or Coed Bible Studies

  • Prison Ministry

  • Community Service Ministries

  • Starting a New Ministry

If you’re interested in learning more about the different opportunities, fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch ASAP.



“Where your treasure is, there will your heart also be.” Matthew 6:21

There’s no better investment in the world than the local parish. It is where people meet Jesus and lives are changed.

Giving to St. Ann and OLOA is to partner with us in sharing the good news of Jesus and sharing the Catholic faith with this generation and those to come.

As our two campuses run separate budgets, we ask you to specify which campus you’d like to give to by clicking the appropriate button below.